The primary function of the Unit is to render legal advice to guide the activities of the Authority. Other functions of the unit include litigation, drafting of legal documents, both contractual and legislative drafting; attending to petitions and complaints that have legal implications. The unit is headed by a Deputy Director. From the inception of Legal Services, the unit had stood on its own until 2004 when it was divided into three (3) sections. These sections are Litigation, Drafting and Research.

The Litigation Section of the unit handles cases initiated against the Authority. Currently, the unit is handling about 350 cases in which the Authority, the defunct Ministry, Area Councils, Agencies and Parastatals are parties; also some of these cases have been disposed off in favour of the Authority.The subject matter of most of the cases include Termination of Appointments, Revocations, Double Allocations of Plots, Demolition of Structures and Sale of Federal Government Houses.

The Division is responsible for the preparation of contracts, drafting of Bills and legal documents. It has carried out the review of some agreements consisting of construction, services, supplies and in-Service Bond. It has also been participating in the drafting of regulations for Agencies and Parastatals of the Federal Capital Territory Administration.

The Division is responsible for conducting researches on any issue or case submitted to it. It also attends to petitions and complaints including; revocation of plots, wrongful termination of appointments, etc

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