The Health & Human Services Secretariat (HHSS) was established by the Presidential Order No. 1 of 2004 as a self-accounting Mandate Secretariat under the Federal Capital Territory Administration with the responsibility of overseeing the health sector of FCT in all its ramifications.


The Secretariat has the following basic functions:

  • Provision of medical and hospital services.
  • Health policy formulation and planning
  • Regulatory and oversight functions for all private medical service providers.
  • Provision of primary health care, disease control and health promotion.
  • Health manpower development.


The Secretariat is headed by the Secretary with the following departments and units:

  1. Hospitals Management Board:
  2. Abuja Central Medical Stores:
  • FCT Emergency Medical Services (EMS):
  1. Procurement & Due Process division:
  2. FCT Health (insurance) Services Scheme [FHSS]
  3. FCT Agency for Control of Aids (FACA)
  • Works Division
  • Private Health Establishment, Monitoring & Registration Committee (PHERMC)
  1. Department of Administration and Finance
  2. Department of Nursing Services

Department of Pharmaceutical Services

  1. Department of Medical and Diagnostics
  • Department of Health Planning, Research and Statistics (HPRS)
  • Department of Public Health

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