The Agriculture and Rural Development Secretariat is one of the 7 mandate secretariats established in 2004 in line with the reform of the Federal Capital Territory Administration.


The Secretariat is mandated to ensure sustainable food security for the residents of the FCT through the development of necessary policy framework to harness the vast Agricultural potentials of the FCT, with the main objective of accelerating the development of agriculture and rural development to meet the challenges of employment generation, economic empowerment and sustainable food security.


In order to facilitate the execution of its mandate as enumerated above, the Agriculture and Rural Development Secretariat is structured in two Technical Departments and one Service Department. Other multi-sectoral units are under the Secretary’s office.

The two technical Department are:-

  1. i)      Department of Agriculture
  2. ii)     FCT-ADP.

While the service department is Administration and Finance.

Department of Agriculture:

The department consist of three (3) divisions namely:

* Animal Services

* Integrated Rural Development Services

* Agricultural Services

FCT Agricultural Development Project (ADP):

The FCT ADP provides the framework through which the efforts of the farming families of FCT are galvanized for increased productivity, income and improve standard of living.

The activities of these farmers (120,000 farming families) in FCT provide food security to the territory as it generates employment, provides food and fibre for the ever increasing farming population of FCT.

The main objective of the FCT ADP like other 36 ADPS in the Country is to provide the farming families with simple adaptable, affordable and proven technologies so as to increase their production and income.

For effective administration and outreach to the farmers the FCT is divided into 4 Zones which are further delineated into 93 cells which are manned by qualified Extension Agents (EA’s). The duties of the EA’s that are resident with the rural farmers are to teach them new innovations and techniques for increased production. They also bring up problems being encountered by farmers for possible solutions.

The platforms for addressing the farmers’ problems are through:

(i)   The monthly technology review meeting (MTRM) where the ADP Subject Matter Specialist interacts with scientists from Agric research institutions on the problems on the field and possible solutions.

(ii)  Fortnightly Meetings (FNT) which is held in the 4 Zones (North, West, East and Central). This meeting is attended by Subject Matter Specialist, Block Extension supervisors, Extension Agents and contact farmers. The interaction is simplified to the understanding and comprehension of the rural farmers.

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