Following the restructuring of the Federal Capital Territory Administration based on the Dissolution Order No. 1 of 2004, issued by the Federal Government the FCT Treasury Department was created to manage the funds of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) and its mandate Secretariats, Departments and Agencies as well as to perform other treasury functions of the FCTA.


(a)        To advise the Minister, the Accounting Officer, Mandate Secretariats, Parastatals and Agencies in financial matters;

(b)       Management of funds in respect of the FCT Administration;

(c)        Ensure that funds due to the FCT Administration are centrally collected and deposited with the FCT Consolidated Revenue Account;

(d)       Disbursement of funds to all mandate Secretariats, Parastatals and Agencies under the FCTA and payment of salaries for SDAs;

(e)        Preparation of financial statements in respect of all Statutory Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and other funds paid to Consolidated Revenue Account;

(f)        Issuance of Treasury Circulars to Mandate Secretariats, Departments and Agencies under the  FCT Administration to ensure accountability and transparency in the management of public funds;

(g)       Maintain adequate accounting books for the purpose of documentations of all financial services of the FCTA;

(h)       To maintain, train and post all Treasury Accountants to Mandate Secretariats and Agencies under the FCT Administration;

(i)        To guide and monitor Accounting Systems of all Mandate Secretariats and Agencies;

(j)        To liaise with the Federal Ministry of Finance, Office of the Accountant General of the Federation, Budget Office, DMO and the National Assembly on Financial Matters;

(k)       To prepare consolidated financial statements for the FCT;

(n)       Preparation of the consolidated FCT Budgets.


The FCT Treasury is headed by a Director, and is made up of the following Divisions:

(i)    Sub-Treasury; which has the following Sections:

  1. a)      Funds and Expenditure Control
  2. b)      Other Charges
  3. c)      Capital
  4. d)      Reconciliation
  5. e)      Final Account
  6. f)       Central pay Office

(ii)       Salaries and Wages;

(iii)      Budget;

(iv)      Revenue

In addition to the above divisions, the Department has the following support units under the office of the Director:

  1. i)       Administration
  2. ii)      Internal Audit

iii)               Debt Management Unit

 Plot 1, Kapital Street, Area 11, Garki.
PMB 24 FCT Abuja, Nigeria
Abuja FCT 00234


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