Since its establishment, the FCTA has been administered by the following Ministers.

  • Mallam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai 2004 2007
  • Aliyu Moddibbo Umar 2007 2008
  • Mohammed Adamu Aliero 2008 – Feb. 2010
  • Bala Abdulkadir Muhammed CON -2010-2015
  • Mallam Muhammad Musa Bello 2015 – 2023
  • Bar. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike 2023 till date

The establishment of the Federal Capital Territory Administration is one of the key elements of the Administrative reforms of former President Olusegun Obasanjo to reposition the FCT towards enhanced service delivery.

The reforms brought about significant changes in the administrative structure of the FCT. In line with this, Seven (7) new Mandate Secretariats were created. These are:

1.    Agriculture and Rural Development Secretariat
2.    Area Council Services Secretariat
3.    Education Secretariat
4.    Health and Human Services Secretariat
5.    Legal Services Secretariat
6.    Social Development Secretariat
7.    Transportation Secretariat

The establishment of the Secretariats heralded the appointment of non-career civil servants into mainstream administration of the FCT. The idea was aimed at bringing governance closer to the people by limiting the administrative bottlenecks that hitherto slowed down developmental process of the FCT.


“To be one of the 20 World Class Capital Cities”.


“The provision of infrastructure, services and administration for the development of a first class Federal Capital Territory comparable to the best in the world”.


  • Provision of an effective and efficient administrative framework.
  • Provision of critical infrastructure.
  • Provision of Services to the FCT residents.
  • Provision of enabling environment for Wealth creation and poverty reduction.
  • Provision of safe & secure environment.


The 1999 Constitution, section 299, provides that the FCT shall have the provision of the Constitution apply to it as if it were one of the States of the Federation. This entails that the National Assembly sits as the State House of Assembly for the FCT whenever it legislates for the FCT.

The President serves as the State Governor of the FCT delegating his powers to the Honourable Minister for the running of the administration whilst the FCT Courts serve as the State Courts for the FCT. Federal Capital Territory is administered in a dual function of a Federal Ministry and a State Government.

Accordingly, its operations are carried out through certain Common Services Departments, Specialized Departments, Secretariats and Agencies.

  • It has a Minister and a Minister of State.
  • The Permanent Secretary is the Accounting Officer, Chief Policy Adviser and Head of the Bureaucracy of the entire FCTA. He reports to the Minister/Minister of State.
  • The Executive Secretary of the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) oversees the development of physical Infrastructure of the FCT. He reports to the FCDA Board chaired by the Minister, FCT.

Significant legal evolution comprises the enactment of Act 12 of 1984, entitled “Federal Capital Territory Applicable Laws”, which was later incorporated in the 1990 codification, now Cap F6 LFN 2004. Notable administrative changes include that of the evolution of Area Councils from the Development Areas; relocation of the FCT Headquarters from Gwagwalada to the Federal Capital City, Abuja; and establishment of Secretariats and Agencies by Order 1 of 2004 [Federal Capital Territory (Establishment of Functionaries and Departments) and Ministry of Federal Capital Territory (Dissolution)].
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