Abuja Geographic Information Systems (AGIS) was established by the Federal Capital Territory Act -Subsidiary Legislation No. 1 of 2004 (seventh schedule) as a centre of excellence for the provision of Spatial Data Integration and Computerization services for the entire FCTA. AGIS is also charged with the responsibility of managing the computerized operations of land administration including the entire production process of land titles for the FCT.


  1. Provide a comprehensive, all-Inclusive, state-of-the-Art, fool proof, computerized, Geospatial data infrastructure for the FCT.
  2. Computerize the cadastral and land registry for the FCC (Federal Capital City), the Area Councils and the Satellite Towns of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)

iii.   The AGIS Resource Centre is operating in the AGIS Building, as an independent service provider, as a professional GIS/LIS Resource Centre, as the only official source for Geospatial Data on FCT, covering all of FCT, with revenues (additional revenues, not existing ones shifted to AGIS).

  1. Guarantee Continuity, Scalability, Flexibility, Consistency, Sustainability, Reliability and Replicability


  1. Preparation and issuance of Certificates-of-Occupancy and other certificate evidencing titles.
  2. Preparation and issuance of Right-of-Occupancy.

iii.  Production and printing of Title Deed Plan (TDP).

  1. Street naming and house numbering in FCT.
  2. Provision of Geospatial information infrastructure for FCT.
  3. The only official source of Geospatial data for FCT.

vii.  Textual and graphic data on FCT, including land record, aerial photographs, satellite  images, engineering drawing, and scanned pictures of building.

viii.  Property search and verification of land record.

  1. Application for land allocation.
  2. Revenue collection.


  1. Office of the Director
  2. Legalo:p>
  3. Audit
  4. Consultant
  5. Administration unit

iii.     Finance and Accounts Unit

  1. Information & Customer Service Unit
  2. Information Technology Unit
  3. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Unit

vii.    Document Management System (DMS) and Records Unit

 Plot 1, Kapital Street, Area 11, Garki.
PMB 24 FCT Abuja, Nigeria
Abuja FCT 00234


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