The Department of Engineering Services is one of the Technical Departments charged with the responsibility of providing Engineering Infrastructure and services in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The mission statement of the Department therefore is to provide functional, efficient and cost effective Engineering Infrastructural Services in the Federal Capital City (FCC).

The Department has the statutory responsibility for the Conception, Planning/Design, Procurement and Development of Engineering Infrastructure/services in the Federal Capital City according to the Abuja Master Plan. The activities of the Department also include Geological Investigation, Engineering Studies, Engineering Designs, and the Construction/Supervision of Infrastructural Facilities. These facilities include Road Works, Water Supply, Storm and Foul Sewage, Electricity and Telecommunications Systems. Divisions In order to effectively perform its functions, the department of Engineering Services is structured into six (6) divisions and two (2) specialized units.


  1. City Infrastructure (North)
  2. City Infrastructure (Central & Regional)
  3. Logistics and Design
  4. City Infrastructure (South)
  5. Water and Sewage 6. Electrical

Specialized Units: Geology, Administration

Achievements of the Department
District Development:Sequel to the adoption of the Abuja Master Plan, detailed Engineering Studies on the provisions of the master plan were carried out. Also, various preliminary and final Engineering designs for the infrastructural facilities for districts in phase 1 and some other districts in other phases of the city were made. And although the actual physical construction of the city started sometime in 1979, up to 90% of phase I comprising of 5 districts (Garki, Wuse, Maitama, Asokoro and Central Business district) has been achieved. These districts have been serviced with roads, water, electricity, sewer lines and telecommunication ducts. In phase II of the city, provisions of Infrastrutural facilities in the Utako district have been completed while works are at various stages of completion in Jabi and Gudu Districts. In phase III, works are also at various stages of implementation in Karmo and Idu districts. Furthermore, in addition to the districts originally specified in the Master Plan, Asokoro Extension, Katampe Extension and Guzape Districts have been created. And while works have been completed in Asokoro Extension, they are at various stages of completion in Katampe extension and Guzape districts.

Regional Roads Development:The Constructions of Regional Roads within the City are at various stages of completion.

Sewage and Water Scheme:The Master Plan’s provision for the handling of liquid waste in the city is through sewage treatment plants and centralized reticulation networks of sewer lines of varying diameter laid to flow by gravity. And to date, various diameters and several kilometers of sewers have been laid to convey sewage to the treatment plant sites. The Wupa Basin Sewage Treatment Plant, one of the Sewage Treatment Plants envisaged by the Master Plan to serve a population equivalent of 700,000 PE has been completed. And as provided for in the Master Plan, the plant has also had an expansion of up to 1.2m PE with an associated trunk main and a Construction of Interceptor sewer line schedules I, II, IV and VI. Also the construction of phases 1 and 2, 10,000m3/Hr Lower Usman Dam Water Treatment Plant LUD, that is, the Bwari Water Supply scheme and the improvement of water supply to Gwarimpa Area have been completed.

Electricity Power Supply:Presently, the territory is served from a 33KV double circuit line from Shiroro to Katampe (North Main), a 2 x 50MVA, 330/132/33KV substation, one 40MVA, 132/33KV mobitra substation at Dutse-alhaji Main, a 4 x 45MVA, 132/33/11KV power station substation at Garki main, and a 2 x 30MVA, 132/33KV substation at Central Area. In addition, the detailed electrical design is completed for all districts in phase I, and up to 17 of the 33/11KV substations are completed and in use. Also Three 33/11KV substations and one 33/11KV have been completed in phases II and III respectively.

 Plot 1, Kapital Street, Area 11, Garki.
PMB 24 FCT Abuja, Nigeria
Abuja FCT 00234


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